Logistics Job Descriptions & Salaries

View our pharmaceutical job descriptions and salary guide and see which position is best for you along with your estimated starting salary.

Procurement Executive

Job description – Duties include purchasing equipment, material, goods and services as required for the manufacture process. They are tasked with ensuring quality alongside cost effectiveness. This may involve monitoring of sales and stock as well as performance against competitors.

Salary ranges* based on years of experience ($) –

  • 3-5 years: 38,400 – 48,000

Ideal background – Bachelor’s degree in business or related

Career path – Senior Procurement Executive > Procurement Manager > Procurement Director

Logistics Specialist

Job description – Tasked with logistical coordination across the whole life cycle of a product from ensuring supply of raw materials to distribution of final product in line with customer demand (including minimising storage and transportation costs).

Salary ranges* based on years of experience ($) –

  • 2-4 years: 31,200 – 50,000

Ideal background – Bachelor’s degree in logistics, supply chain management or industrial engineering. Previous experience as logistics coordinator.

Career path – Senior Logistics Executive > Logistics Manager > Logistics Director