Manufacturing Job Descriptions & Salaries

View our pharmaceutical job descriptions and salary guide and see which position is best for you along with your estimated starting salary.

Operations Supervisor

Job description – Responsible for management of an operations shift. Directly responsible for shift personnel equipment and for anticipating and/or resolving delays.

Salary ranges* based on years of experience ($) –

  • 1-5 years: 36,000 – 42,000

Ideal background – Background in mechanical technology, degree preferred and significant manufacturing experience.

Career path – Operations Manager > General Manager

Production Executive

Job description – Involved in planning, coordinating and controlling the manufacture process. Their team is tasked with ensuring cost effectiveness as well as oversight of all human and material resources.

Average Singapore salary ($) – 48,000

Ideal background – Bachelor’s degree in science or engineering, previous experience in manufacturing environment advantageous.

Career path – Senior Production Executive > Manufacturing Lead > Production Director


Job description – Work depends upon the employer’s focus, some will be involved in screening new compounds, others will be involved in testing later in the drug development process. Finally, some pharmacologists run ongoing clinical trials and lab experiments to ensure effective products.

Average Singapore salary ($) – 59,000

Ideal background – Bachelor’s degree in relevant discipline, such as pharmacology, pharmacy, toxicology etc. Previous lab work and/or a higher level degree are advantageous.

Career path – Senior Pharmacologist > Lab Manager