WSQ Accredited Courses

Switch to a Well Paid Career in the Pharmaceutical or Medical Device Manufacturing Industries

Take our WSQ Accredited Courses and Re-Skill into these Industries. Already Working in the Industry? Upgrade your Existing Skill Set to Advance your Career.

Get an Industry Recognised Qualification

We are the Number One provider of pharma re-skilling courses in Singapore and have re-skilled over 1,100 people over the last 6 years. All leading multinational pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers employ people who have taken our courses.

New Role Dependent on your Previous Experience

Your new role will be dependent on your skills and experience.

Excellent Job Opportunities

These industries directly provide over 16,000 stable, secure and well paying jobs and are free of the retrenchments and cyclical ups and downs of many other sectors. Between 1,000 to 1,800 new positions become available every year with people taking our courses having an 80% success rate finding a new job.

Perfect for People in a Technical Role in a Sunset Industry

These WSQ Courses are perfect for technical people in sunset industries and who are thinking of a career change. It has been our experience that these people quickly get traction in the job market.

Choose from Four WSQ Courses

We offer a choice of four WSQ Accredited courses to re-skill or up-skill.

Take Two to Three WSQ Courses to Get a Job

We have found that most people need to take between 2 to 3 courses before they get traction in the job market. However, some people do get traction after taking just 1 course.

Career Placement Coaching Included to Help you Find a Job

Once you have completed the first module we will enrol you in our career placement coaching programme and teach you how to find a job in this sector.

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