Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Applying for the Course

The majority of the people are in their 30’s and 40’s with some in their 20’s and 50’s.
Ideally, you should have at least 5 years relevant work experience or a technical qualification in science or engineering and a minimum of a second level qualification (High School Diploma, Leaving Certificate, A or O Levels, etc).

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Is a Pharma Career for Me?
What Courses Should I Take?

These are conversion courses to help people leverage off their qualifications and work experience to move into a career in pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing. They are not for fresh graduates.
We’ve had people from Production, Manufacturing, Engineering/Maintenance, Construction, Project Management, Architecture and Design, Food Production, Aircraft Maintenance, Quality, Science and IT and other roles take this course and successfully make the transition to a new role in pharma.
If you are unwilling to devote at least 15 hours a week for the duration of the course and an additional 5 to 10 hours a week to your job hunt (if you are transitioning into the industry) or if you are looking for a shortcut to an internationally recognised academically accredited qualification, this is not for you.
Email: [email protected]
Call Geraldine: +1 (617) 901 9268

Email: [email protected]
Call Niki: +353 (0)21 2409013

We will then contact you to arrange an interview over the phone or with a Skype call. Do bear in mind that these are academically accredited courses so you have to meet both GetReskilled and the Dublin Institute of Technology entry requirements.

This is a level 7 Certificate Programme (Under the Bologna Process) and is academically accredited by the Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland and will help you meet any academic criteria for future employers.
DIT or The Dublin Institute of Technology is the largest third level institute in Ireland and has been ranked in the Top 100 Universities under 100 years old. It is backed and funded by the Irish Government.

Taking the Course

Online courses can start off great, but staying motivated can be a challenge. So, you’ll get regular feedback reports (and emails or phone calls if you fall behind) to keep you on track. In addition, people can get very isolated studying online so we reach will reach out to you regularly to make sure everything is going fine.
We usually start a new eBioPharmaChem and eValidation Courses every month. We start the Degree course 2 times a year.
Not anymore, we only deliver our courses online.
Yes, we have had lots of seasoned people take this course and successfully find a job in pharma.
Both eBioPharmaChem and eValidaton are each quarter parts of a degree programme. At the end of these 2 courses you will have covered 6 of the 12 modules you will need to study for the degree.
Yes, you can study eBioPharmaChem or and eValidation separately. You don’t have to commit to the full Degree.

Finding a Job

Ireland: Job prospects are excellent. Currently there are a large amount of jobs available in the Pharma Industry in Ireland. In 2015, over 3,100 jobs were available and so far in 2016 there has been over 350 new jobs each month.

USA: After a period of consolidation job prospects have improved enormously over the last few years.

We don’t find jobs for people, what we do is we train you to be ready for a job. We help you to write your CV for a particular job that you are targeting. Throughout the course you will receive career coaching content that will go through everything from CVs to interviews to networking to where to start looking for a job. The content was developed by people who work in pharmaceutical recruitment with first-hand knowledge and expertise on what is being looked for in the job application process

Finally we keep you up to date on the jobs available. We go through hundred’s websites and collate that information into one single location making your job hunt as easy as possible. Each job is hyperlinked to the company’s website so that you can start applying straight away.

Pfizer, Boston Scientific, Roche, Regeneron, Novartis, Amgen, Eli-Lilly, MSD, Abbott, Amgen, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi Aventis, etc,
Check out our Pharma Job Website Directory which has links to over 180 multinational and indigenous companies, engineering consultancies, recruitment companies, job websites and LinkedIn groups.
The types of role you’ll be able to apply for will be influenced by your qualifications and work background.
For example:

Manufacturing Background? Apply for these types of roles>>

Manufacturing Technical Specialist, Manufacturing Operations Associate, Technician (Manufacture/Production), Assembler, Chemical Processing Technician, Packing Machine Operator

Science Background? Apply for these roles >>

Chemist, Laboratory Analyst, Laboratory Technician

Quality Background? Apply for these roles >>

Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist, Quality Control (QC) Specialist, Project Quality Engineer, Quality Engineer, Associate Quality Engineer

Engineering and Maintenance Background, Apply for these roles >>

Engineer (Projects), Engineer (Production/Chemical), Associate Engineer, Electrician, Electronic Technician, HVAC Supervisor, HVAC Technician, Industrial Engineer, Instrumentation Engineer, Maintenance Supervisor, Maintenance Technician

Logistics Background? Apply for these roles >>

Procurement Specialist, Logistics Specialist

No Experience in these areas? Apply for these roles >>

Manufacturing Technical Specialist, Manufacturing Operations Associate, Technician (Manufacture/Production), Assembler, Packing Machine Operator

Still not sure? Try this tool!
What kind of Job can I get in Pharma based on my experience?

It depends on the company, the country and the role you are employed in.
Click here to see our Job Description and Salary Guide
Going from our experience over the last number of years, most people take somewhere between 7 to 11 months to find a job
We recommend allowing at between 5 to 10 hours a week every week for at least 20 weeks to give you the best chance of a successful transition into the industry. This process will be covered extensively in the career coaching section of the course.
Pharma jobs are well paid (30% above average) and thus are highly sought after. You are going to have competition with other people with your job hunt so you be prepared to work hard to get a job that will be secure and well paid.

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