Validation Job Descriptions & Salaries

View our pharmaceutical job descriptions and salary guide and see which position is best for you along with your estimated starting salary.

Quality Coordinator

Job description – Develops, implements and evaluates the quality program – looks to improve efficiency whilst maintaining standards. Will investigate incident reports and make recommendations for improvements.

Average Singapore salary ($) – 40,000

Ideal background – Experience with quality procedures in a manufacturing setting is highly desirable.

Career path – Quality Assurance Specialist > Quality Manger

Validation Engineer

Job description – Designing process or equipment protocols to ensure output internal and external safety and quality requirements.

Salary ranges* based on years of experience ($) –

  • 3-5 years: 60,000 – 80,000

Ideal background – Bachelor’s degree in engineering or scientific discipline.

Career path – Senior Validation Engineer

Quality Engineer

Job description – Provides quality assurance support, ensuring that the operations continue in accordance with quality requirements while maintaining efficiency.

Salary ranges* based on years of experience ($) –

  • 1-5 years: 45,000 – 75,000

Ideal background – Degree in engineering and good knowledge of quality systems – previous experience in quality engineering advantageous

Career path – Senior Quality Engineer

Employment outlook – Kelly Services ‘hot job’ for 2015.

Document Management Specialist

Job description – Plan and implement systems to span the manufacturing process that allow successful storage, retrieval and sharing of electronic records and documents across the site. Also involved in constructing documents and literature to be released.

Salary ranges* based on years of experience ($) –

  • 4-10 years: 48,000 – 72,000

Ideal background – Bachelor’s degree in a computer related field, experience within manufacturing setting advantageous.

Career path – Document Management Supervisor

Inspection & Testing Supervisor

Job description – Oversees the running of inspection and testing services. Coordinates these activities with relevant manufacturing line supervisors.

Salary ranges* based on years of experience ($) –

  • 1-5 years: 21,600 – 24,000

Ideal background – Previous experience in inspection and testing services in a manufacturing setting highly desirable. Previous supervisory experience advantageous.

Career path – Inspection & Testing Manager