Science Job Descriptions & Salaries

View our pharmaceutical job descriptions and salary guide and see which position is best for you along with your estimated starting salary.


Job description – Will plan, organise and execute experimental work relevant to improvement of manufacturing processes as well as testing of materials at many stages (i.e. raw materials, intermediaries etc.). Have direct input in scaling-up processes from laboratory to plant-size manufacture.

Salary ranges* based on years of experience ($) – 3-5 years: 42,000 – 65,000

Ideal background – Honours degree in chemistry, laboratory work experience, good awareness of working protocols and procedures within the industry.

Career path – Senior Chemist > Laboratory Manager > Quality Director

Laboratory Analyst

Job description – Duties include sampling, testing and analysing of materials from all stages of manufacture process within a laboratory environment. They may also have data input and laboratory equipment calibration and maintenance responsibilities.

Salary ranges* based on years of experience ($) – 1-2 years: 24,000 – 36,000

Ideal background – Qualification in chemical process technology/bio-process technology or similar, previous experience in chemical/microbiological techniques, good working knowledge of relevant protocols and regulations.

Career path – Senior Laboratory Analyst > Supervisor > Assistant Chemist

Laboratory Technician

Job description – Provide all technical support for functioning of the lab to ensure that a quality product is produced within a controlled environment. Assists in handling and maintaining lab equipment, collecting and analyzing data, and performing routine laboratory work. This role is engaged in different testing methodologies, ranging from microbiology and molecular biology to the latest analytical chemistry techniques. Adherence to protocols and procedures is extremely important responsible for documentation and logbooks. Often carrying out routine tasks but must be to a very high standard.

Salary ranges* based on years of experience ($) – 1-2 years: 24,000 – 36,000

Ideal background – High school level education in science subjects, diploma/degree may be of benefit. Prior lab experience extremely beneficial.

Career path – Senior Laboratory Technician > Team Leader Technician > Laboratory Manager