Do you need to upgrade your workforce skills?

PIC Funding is Available to Companies to Pay for Training

Your company can get 400% Tax Deductions or 60% Cash Back for Training your Staff in Pharma and Medical Device Manufacturing

Get 400% tax deductions or 60% cash back for training your staff using the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) funding initiative from the IRAS. Companies with a tax exempt status can avail of 60% cashback funding within 3-months of submitting your claim for company training of up to $100,000 annually.

PIC Funding is not dependant of exam results

There is no requirement under PIC funding for your employees to successfully complete the end of module assignment for the company to secure funding for the training costs.

Learn at the speed that works best for your company team

DPS Education can package the content in a multitude of different ways for your staff to learn at the speed that works best for them, either over a fixed schedule or a changing schedule that flexes with varying peaks and troughs in production demands, so as to make the best use of your staff’s time.

Your staff can take the training and complete the assignments either once a week or even every day at the start of the shift.

Funding available to all employees

The PIC funding is available for training of all employees both local and foreign.

Develop your own customized programmes

Work with our Subject Matter Experts to develop customized programmes specific to the needs of your staff. The PIC scheme is particularly relevant for funding customized courses which fall outside the approval structures for WSQ funding.

Choose from our extensive library

Choose from our library of 350 learning units and online lectures to build your programme.

Study anytime, anywhere on a desktop, tablet or smart phone

Our lesson content management system lets your employees access their lesson content across all device types and platforms.

24/7 content access even on the subway or flying.

Your employees can store the lesson content on our Lesson Content Management App and study offline even on the subway or flying!

Certification of attendance

At the end of the PIC course, your employees will obtain a Certificate of Attendance from DPS.

Subscription base model with unlimited access to our full library

For a monthly subscription, we will offer access to our full library of 350 learning units. You pick the exact content you need to address the problems you have.

Straight forward funding submission process

Submission of your PIC claim form to receive 60% cash-back for training is a straightforward matter and it can be made in the quarter after the invoice for training is processed.

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