What is an Automation Engineer?

What is an Automation Engineer? An Automation Engineer uses technology to oversee or manage the manufacturing process. The aim of this is technology is to streamline the manufacturing process to make it as efficient as possible while still maintaining product quality and adhering to internal protocols and external regulations. For any relevant step in [...]

What is a Laboratory Technician?

The primary role of a laboratory technician is to assist industry scientists in their research and testing. This can involve a number of different tasks and these tasks can vary greatly between roles. Within the pharmaceutical industry, laboratory technicians can be employed in research and development or in production and manufacturing. As a result, the [...]

What is a Maintenance Technician?

What is a Maintenance Technician? As in most industrial environments, maintenance is a key feature of pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturing. The maintenance team will be involved in routine maintenance procedures as well as helping to troubleshoot issues should they arise with equipment in the manufacturing process. Due to the highly controlled and [...]

What is a Packaging Operator?

What is Packaging Operator? As the title would suggest, packaging roles within this manufacturing setting are jobs which focus on taking the finished medical device or pharmaceutical product and packaging them for distribution and sale. Regulations, protocols and quality systems are just as important here as they are at every other stage of the [...]

What is a Process Engineer?

What is Process Engineering? Process Engineering is an extremely important part of the manufacturing industry. It provides the chemical processes and equipment that are used to turn raw materials into an end product. Process Engineers are the individuals who create, set specifications, develop, implement and monitor this equipment or these processes as part of [...]

What is a Process Technician?

Depending on the company, a Process Technician may also be referred to as Manufacturing Operators or Manufacturing Associates. The role requires individuals to follow strict internal protocols and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as well as following current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). There is a large amount of responsibility given to individuals within these roles. [...]

What is a Project Engineer?

What is a Project Engineer? Project engineering is typically the management of engineering and technical projects - this includes management of personnel, budget and scheduling to deliver a successful project outcome that is fit for purpose. In addition to these factors, a significant consideration of the work of project engineers is the safety of [...]

What is an Quality Assurance Associate?

What is Quality Assurance and what is a Quality Assurance Associate? Quality Assurance is part of the manufacturing quality system. It aims to prevent mistakes in the manufacturing process and defects in the finished product by implementing and monitoring processes and procedures. Individuals within the Quality Assurance department monitor these processes and procedures, take [...]

What is an Quality Control Associate?

What is Quality Control and what does a Quality Control Associate Do? Quality Control is the process by which a manufactured product is deemed suitable to be released for sale or distribution. This decision is made after significant testing of the product and comparison against a pre-defined standard. The Quality Control department will test [...]

What is a Quality Engineer?

What is Quality Engineering? A quality engineer works within a wider team of quality professionals with the overall aim of maintaining the quality of the final product. They do so by following the quality management systems of the manufacturing process. Successful quality engineering ensures that final products are safe and meet customer expectations, while [...]

What Is a Validation Engineer?

What Is Validation? Validation describes the process of creating an evidence trail to show that an action, process or system leads to a consistent and reproducible result. This ‘result’ is typically either taking a measurement or assessing product quality. Validation is a central part of the manufacturing process within the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. The products [...]

LinkedIn Groups for Pharma Professionals

There are over 2 million LinkedIn groups - are you using them to your advantage in your pharmaceutical manufacturing career? Most people know about the benefits of LinkedIn - the social network for professional networking. But all too often, people just connect with individuals and forget about the wider potential of LinkedIn… groups. Joining a [...]