What is Packaging Operator?

As the title would suggest, packaging roles within this manufacturing setting are jobs which focus on taking the finished medical device or pharmaceutical product and packaging them for distribution and sale.

Regulations, protocols and quality systems are just as important here as they are at every other stage of the manufacturing process. And similar to every other part of the process – the aim is for a streamlined and efficient process that operates quickly while keeping safety and quality for the finished product as a top priority.

What does a Packaging Operator do?

Packaging operators are responsible for the daily operation of the machinery involved in packaging. They must have an acute understanding of the normal function of their machinery as well as a good understanding of basic troubleshooting.

Packaging operators tend to work in shifts, these depend entirely on the set-up of their particular facility. While the specific tasks of each job may also differ based on the product being manufactured and the type of packaging involved, general tasks can include:

  • Start up and close down of their machine as necessary
  • Routine checks and preventative maintenance of equipment
  • Efficient completion of final assembly and then packaging processes (such as applying fastenings or ties) if required
  • Product labelling and inspection of final product
  • Completion of distribution documentation may also be a responsibility of packaging operators
  • May be required to move completed boxes of products – operation of a forklift would not be an uncommon preferred skill for these roles
  • Maintaining cleanliness of equipment and work area
  • Reporting issues when they arise – this should be done quickly to minimise any impact on the efficiency of production
  • Quality checks of their equipment, process or product in accordance with the site’s quality requirements
  • Maintaining all relevant documentation for their equipment and/or process. This documentation is likely to include quality documentation, ensuring adherence to internal procedures as well as external regulations

Becoming a Packaging Operator

A high school level education is typically required for roles as a packaging operator. Understanding the regulations involved in these industries is highly desirable. Companies will typically give new employees the training needed for their specific packaging processes.

The ideal skill set for someone moving into project engineering includes:

  • Communication Skills – good written skills are required for reading and understanding the technical documentation for their equipment or process to ensure proper use. Must also be able to effectively explain issues when they arise, to senior colleagues or staff assigned to troubleshoot
  • Manual Dexterity – professionals in the area must have excellent hand-eye coordination and be able to perform potentially tricky actions quickly and correctly, for a prolonged period of time
  • Attention to Detail – must be able to maintain concentration and quickly notice deviations from normal function of their equipment
  • Basic mathematical skills – some basic mathematics may be involved, depending on the specifics of the facility and the product being packaged

Packaging Operator Salaries in Singapore

Packaging Operator salaries in Singapore are extremely competitive. The average salary for this role is $48,000.